Pilates for Everybody and Every Body!

Summer Sale

   June 10th, 2017 (10am - 2pm) 

 Free classes and mini private lessons, prizes, refreshments and a sale!

Come and try the new classes on the summer schedule!

Focused Flexibility: 11am & 1pm
Cardio Mat: 10:30am & 12:30pm
Express Apparatus/S.W.A.T:

11:30am &1:30pm


Mini Private lessons available at  
10:30am 11am
11:30am 12pm
12:30pm 1pm

To register for classes or lessons please contact the studio!


SALE ! ! !

Group class packages:

Starter package $99!
(Regular $115 - includes 1 private lesson, 1 apparatus class, 2 mat classes)
6 month memberships:
1 Visit per week $92.00 - reg $97.75
2 Visit per week $184.00 - reg $195.50
3 Visit per week $296.00 - reg $314.50
Group class packages:
2 packages - 10 percent off (regular 5 percent)
4 or more packages - 15 percent off (regular 5 percent)
15 private lessons for $950.00 (Regular $1050.00)
15 duet lessons $515.00 (regular $570.00)
15 Trio Lessons $425.00 (regular $470.00)

pilatesglossy logoCara Hazelton, owner of Precision Pilates, has just been featured in PilatesGlossy, an online Pilates Magazine in the Netherlands!

cara pilatesglossy 120"And here she is all the way from Canada, Cara Hazelton from Precision Pilates! Cara Hazelton, age 36, is known for her incredible energy, expertise, and passion for helping her students achieve their goals. We are very proud to have her on Pilatesglossy! Cara:”Pilates is now a part of me!”  Read the full article!


home-mats3 Located in the iconic Hartt Shoe Factory, Precision Pilates is central to up and down town.  We've got great parking, lots of classes on the schedule and apps for your phone or tablet to make registration easy!

At Precision Pilates, we offer the best Pilates in the region. We provide expert teaching in the traditional method. With the largest selection of tradition Gratz Pilates apparatus in Canada, there is nothing we can't do!  By promoting the mind-body connection that is at the heart of Joseph Pilates’ fitness philosophy, we won’t just transform your body: we will change your health and your life.

We are a full service studio, also offering Precision Barre classes as well as Pilates teacher education programs.  Check our schedule and pricing pages for more information.

Our senior Pilates teachers work with injuries and issues of all kinds including back and neck issues, joint replacements, muscle imbalances, osteoporosis, arthritis and more.  Schedule a free consultation today to begin a program best suited to your body and needs.

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body - or your money back.”    - Joseph Pilates




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