Precision Barre™ Teacher Training

What is it?

Precision Barre™ is a fabulous fitness program that will improve your balance, posture, muscle tone, flexibility, strength and attitude!  Our classes combine the precision of ballet barre-work with the strong, dynamic movement qualities of Traditional Pilates.  Precision Barre™ is workout that flows and moves, tones and stretches, and gets your heart rate going!

Strength. Beauty. Barre.™

Why train with us?

Precision Barre™ is the only barre fitness teacher training program in Eastern Canada.  Although there are many other training programs, the teachers who developed Precision Barre™ include a highly trained Authentic Pilates professional and international award winning entrepreneur, an advanced Pilates practitioner, and an accomplished dancer. These professionals combined their expertise to produce a superior core curriculum of fitness training. We have university-level anatomy credentials and also draw on the expertise of local medical and healthcare professionals in teaching basic anatomy workshops. We are the only training program to offer seminars on managing your Precision Barre™ business scheduling: pricing, marketing etc. This  is a Precision Barre ™ exclusive.  Complete your teacher training with Precision Barre™ to offer your clients the absolute best workout experience.

What does our training program look like?

Initial training:

The first module of Precision Barre™ training is 15 hours over 2 days. It is comprised of seminars, workouts and opportunities to observe a Precision Barre™ class being taught by one of our teachers. Seminars will include: the exercises and choreography for Precision Barre™ and Express Precision Barre™; teaching techniques such as voice, touch, and cueing; basic anatomy; knowledge and skills for running a successful Precision Barre™ business.

The teacher manual will have in-depth descriptions of exercises, movement techniques, alignment, teaching techniques, basic anatomy, equipment needs (barre heights, sizes etc) and more.

A final test will be given at the end of the initial training and will consist of a short written exam and practical teaching demonstration.
The initial training gives you everything you need to include Precision Barre™ course offerings at your studio or to start your own Precision Barre™ business!

Continuing Education

After the initial training, Precision Barre™ teachers are required to take 4 continuing education credits per year, equivalent to two 4-hour workshops.  Some of our workshops include:

Precision Barre™ Bump: Pre- and post-natal women finally have a fitness class that stays challenging throughout pregnancy while accommodating the needs of the pregnant and post natal body.  Keep your clients bodies healthy and fit up to birth and give them exercises to aid in delivery comfort and help them heal their bodies afterward.
Advanced Precision Barre™: Advanced Precision Barre™ will challenge your clients with additional exercises, challenging variations, and the addition of the Magic Circle.
Advanced Teaching Techniques: Experienced Precision Barre™ teachers will benefit from this intensive workshop on touch techniques, cues, corrections, and modifications for different bodies.
Precision Barre™ Elite: Precision Barre™ for athletes from cyclists and runners to skiers and hockey players.  This class strengthens hips, knees, shoulders, and backs to prevent common sports injuries.  Whatever your sport, Precision Barre™ Elite will improve your performance.
Precision Barre™ Silver: Your senior clients will benefit from this class that addresses arthritis, osteoporosis, other common issues and stability.  Help your clients age gracefully with strength and flexibility.


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