Senior Pilates Teachers

Cara Hazelton

Owner - Head Teacher

bio-CaraHazeltonCara Hazelton, is known for her incredible energy, expertise, and passion for helping her students achieve their goals.


Originally a Peak PilateSystem® Comprehensively Certified Pilates teacher, Cara now trains with first and second generation Pilates teachers.  Learning from Jay Grimes, who trained with Joe and Clara Pilates, has been a great gift and experience in the deep roots of Pilates.  Cara also regularly takes workshops in New York City with second-generation teachers including Brooke Siler and Kathi Ross-Nash, and Peter Fiasca.  She also takes regular lessons with many of the best teachers in the world.  Cara’s continuing education in Authentic Pilates is unparalleled in Canada.

Cara is also furthering her education with a second degree that compliments her Pilates training: a nearly complete Kinesiology Degree from the University of New Brunswick. A straight A student, Cara's dedication to understanding anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics and proper movement is clear, and it shows in her ability to address the individual needs of each client's body with her teaching.


Cara’s love for business started during her first degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing/Management) from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.  Shortly after graduation she appeared in the Wall Street Journal for her business acumen in 2001 (When she was only 22). Receiving three awards and countless nominations Cara is an exceptional entrepreneur.   Most recently she was nominated for Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 by the CBDC’s of New Brunswick and Youth Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 for the Business Excellence Awards hosted by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. 

In 2014 Cara conceived 'Authentic Pilates Canada' which is the only Authentic Pilates teacher training program in Canada.  With the need for more teachers in her own space, she brought in a world class teacher from New York City to help with the inagural teacher training program.  Cara now continues the program in both Canada and the USA working with teachers both new, and experienced to help hone their skills to the next level.

Precision Pilates, Cara’s home studio is a busy spot with more than 25 classes and 60 private lessons per week on the schedule. She has 3 teachers, and 3 apprentices.  Cara loves running the business and watching it grow.

A mom to two young children, Cara stays busy in her spare time by puttering in her garden, cross-country and downhill skiing, knitting, reading, travelling, and enjoying time with her family.

Carol Illsley

bio-CarolIllsleyCarol Illsley began taking Pilates with Cara after having been in a motorcycle accident 20 years earlier.  This accident left her with chronic pain and a variety of other issues relating to the spine and soft tissue. 

After a few months, Carol got more relief from Classical Pilates than she had from any other rehab or exercise that she had tried in her lifetime.   This life changing experience motivated her to become a Pilates teacher and share with others the incredible benefit that she has found in her journey with Classical Pilates.    Carol is a Peak Pilates Professional Comprehensive Certified ® teacher.  After attending the Chicago Classical Pilates Conference in May 2013, Carol will be continuing her studies with more first and second generation Pilates teachers like Jay Grimes, Brooke Siler, Peter Fiasca and others.

Carol’s quiet nature and kind spirit combined with her very intuitive, empathetic personality helps to make her an excellent teacher who can get every ounce of work from the bodies and minds of her students.

Pilates Apprentices:

Lynne West

bio-LynneWestLynne West, a retired CMA who enjoyed a long career with NB Power, took her first Authentic Pilates classes with Cara in 2007. Since then she has developed a passion for the traditional work and is excited to be in the first class of Authentic Pilates Canada apprentices. In addition to her Pilates practice, Lynne enjoys walking (and running), cycling, downhill skiing, travel, reading, and cooking. She spends her summers sailing on Grand Lake with her husband, David.

Sandrine Corbin

bio-SandrineCorbineSandrine served for 14 years as a Mechanical Engineer for the Royal Canadian Navy before deciding she needed a change.  Physical Fitness has always been important for her: Sandrine was a gymnast and currently enjoys swimming, running, rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.  Sandrine started taking Pilates lessons and classes with Cara in June 2013 and quickly realized the benefits of the method. She felt better after each workout and found relief from the lower back pain she had felt since her teen years. Sandrine is passionate about Pilates and is excited to make teaching Pilates her second career.  Fully bilingual, she can also teach lessons in French.

Megan Woodworth

bio-Megan-WoodworthAfter 5 years of practicing Authentic Pilates with Cara and a year of teaching Precision Barre™, Megan has joined the APC apprentice program. She looks forward to learning more of the traditional work and helping people change their bodies. When she’s not in the studio, Megan teaches English, Grammar Boot Camp, and Arts 1000 at St. Thomas and UNB and plays trombone and sings with The Thomists, Dub Antenna, and Sugarbomb.


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