What is Pilates?

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed nearly 100 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates.  It strengthens and tones the muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind, and creates a more streamlined shape. - Brooke Siler “The Pilates Body”

Is Pilates all I need and is it really for Everybody and Every Body?

Pilates offers great balance to any persons wellness activities, sporting pursuits or fitness regime.  We encourage our clients to take part in a variety of activities that they enjoy, be it running, skiing, dance, rock climbing, yoga or gardening.  If you are currently inactive, Pilates is an excellent way to become active!

Of course we believe that every person can benefit from Pilates.  We believe that because it is what we do and we do it well!   Bio-Mechanically we are all ‘built’ the same, so yes, in that case, Pilates is for every body.   We certainly have individual needs with our bodies. The beauty of Pilates is that it works with all of those needs toward the ultimate goal of restoring the body to its original healthful condition. 

Perhaps not everybody will enjoy Pilates.  There is no way to know for sure until you try!  We encourage everyone to lead an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Are there different types of Pilates?

joseph-pilates-1951As Pilates has grown in popularity over the years, a danger lies in the potential for its dilution.   There have been many schools developed that are ‘Pilates-based’ and ‘Pilates-inspired’ rather than purely authentic Pilates. 

At Precision Pilates, we teach what is known as ‘Classical Pilates’ and is true to Joseph Pilates original method. There is more to this than knowing the exercises and teaching in small groups.  This method is passed down by the ‘generations’.  There are very few Classical Pilates teachers in all of Canada, among the thousands who teach classes that combine other movement modalities such as yoga, tai chi, dance, physiotherapy in their classes or teach ineffective partial versions of the REAL Method.

The Pilates 'Elders' are first generation instructors who were some of Joseph Pilates original students.  These students went on to teach his method to others.  This lineage is important to uphold the method and to keep it 'clean' without interference from other modalities such as yoga and dance.



A short list of about 10 or so, these elders opened their own studios and shared with others the incredible body of work that Joseph Pilates created.   Some remained true to his work, and some changed it by adding in other movement practices or leaving out important pieces of the work.

Of these elders, Romana Krysanowska, Jay Grimes, Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, and Lawrence Hayward stayed true to Joe's work and passed down what we know as 'Classical or Traditional' Pilates.   Studios that stay true to the real Pilates Method are few and far between, and the training centres for these teachers are even harder to come by.

Most Classical instructors know their lineage and share the method as it has been handed down.  I am a third generation instructor having been trained by second generation instructors who received their

training from Elders Romana Krysanowska, Jay Grimes, and Lolita San Miguel.  This is an incredible privilege for me in many ways.  The education is second to none, the 'family' is a tight knit bunch, and the peek into Joe's life with stories oral and written is fascinating.

I am so pleased to be able to share this with all of you.



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