Carol Illsley

Senior Teacher

When Carol walked into her first Pilates class with Cara she had no idea how much it would change her life. Having been involved in a serious motorcycle accident at 18 she was still grappling with permanent damage and chronic pain decades later. 

Pilates literally helped her “Return to Life” as Joe said it. It was slow going at first but within 18 months Cara had her ready to take Pilates Teacher Training!

In 2011, following in Cara’s footsteps, she headed down to Boston and began her initial Teacher Training with Clare Dunphy. In 2014 Carol bridged with the Authentic Pilates Canada Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. In 2017 she returned to Clare Dunphy’s studio and completed the Advanced Teacher Training Seminars. 

Carol has had the good fortune to attend conferences and workshops with some of the best, always taking advantage of the opportunity for private lessons. She truly loves helping people discover what Pilates can do for them too.